MPRO (Multi-Point Radio)


Late last year I got this idea to develop a cost effective sensor that I can use for multiple measuring points around my home.

After some research and testing with a couple of possible radio solutions, I realised that the applications where one will use a point-to-point connection only, are limited. It makes more sense for all these “sensors” to be part of a network and operate in a point-to-multipoint configuration.

In this network, the sensors must be able to negotiate a point-to-point connection by means of a MAC (Media Access Control) should it be necessary to transfer a big chunk of information but at other times they will require a controller or work in a mesh topology to channel all the data to where it is required, stored or processed.

The overall project is now called MPRO. MPRO stands for Multi Point RadiO.

At the moment the idea is that MPRO will have different types of modules that could be configured as a controller or remote and could possibly also act as a sensor with wireless capabilities.

It is likely that there will be a number of different modules, on different platforms (such as Arduino and Gadgeteer for example) that will all form part of the MPRO project. This also means that MPRO could possibly perform protocol conversions and integrate different platforms by delvering transparent data transport.

This project is documented in a Wiki, that will also serve as the User Manual for MPRO devices and describe the inner-working and theories of MPRO.