MPRO (Multi-Point RadiO)


Late last year I got this idea to develop a cost effective sensor that I can use for measuring multiple “things” around my home, so I got this idea to start a new project for an Arduino based Sensor  – something like an Arduino Sensor Pro.

After some research and testing with a couple of possible radio solutions, I realised that the applications where one will use a point-to-point connection only, are limited but yet, still needed. It makes sense for all these “sensors” to be part of a network and operate in a point-to-multipoint configuration, and if needed, negotiate access to available resources should it be necessary to transfer a big chunk of data, but at other times they will require a controller or work in a mesh topology to channel all the data via other nodes or a central hub to where it is required, stored or processed.  So basically, a smart enough radio sensor solution that will give the best of both the P2P (Point-to-Point) and P2MP (Point-to-Multi Point) network configurations.

In this smart network, the sensors or remotes (haven’t decided on the terminology yet) must be able to negotiate a point-to-point connection by means of a MAC (Media Access Control).

Yep, this sounds interesting enough to spend some time on. The overall project is now called MPRO. MPRO stands for Multi Point RadiO.

My idea is that MPRO will eventually have different types of modules that could be configured as a controller, remote or repeater and could possibly also act as a sensor with wireless capabilities.

Maybe there could even be a number of different modules, on different platforms (such as Arduino and Gadgeteer for example) that will all form part of the MPRO project. This also means that MPRO could possibly perform protocol conversions and integrate different platforms by delivering transparent data transport… but let me not get ahead of myself!

First I need to figure out how I am going  to build this smart radio, and how am I going to build a test setup that I can use to build the networking protocols.

Okay, and for all of you who reads this and thinks “idiot – just use an existing system”… what would be the fun in that?!

If this project gets some traction, then I will prepare a Wiki, that will also serve as the User Manual for MPRO devices and describe the inner-working and theories of MPRO.