How much Mobile Network do we need for Mobile Apps?

Mobile Internet, mobile applications and pretty much anything mobile is the latest buzz. Thus, mobile data and to cater for the mobile users is one of the highest priorities all developers and designers have to adhere to these days.

How much do we as Application Developers have to understand about Mobile Networks if you want to develop successful mobile and mobile web applications? Do we need to know what the Network can deliver or just the Mobile Device? How do we know what the Network or Mobile Device can do?

Ever heard of GPRS, EDGE, HSPA and LTA? Or maybe 2G, 3G and 4G? Basically what I am getting at is the Mobile Network evolution. How much value does it add for you to know what the Network capability is? If we want to understand where we are coming from and where are we going to we need to dig a bit deeper and look at what all those abbreviations mean, and more importantly how can this help us build better mobile websites and web applications.

At some point as well, we’ll have to take a step back and be honest with ourselves – is it possibly getting out of hand? Is it possible that hype over mobile data speed is possibly blown up bigger than what it should be, and is it possibly a hype that is created by the technology suppliers, and not driven by the market demand for it? How much speed and bandwidth is enough, and which part is leading – the mobile networks or the applications for mobile’s?

A lot of questions - I know…

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